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I like your [Netzke] concept. If I were to develop a webapp like that, I would use your framework.

Matz, creator of the Ruby language, RubyConf Taiwan, 2012

Netzke is a framework that allows for a beautiful blend of client- and server-side code (JavaScript and Ruby, respectively) into ready-to-use GUI components. It's most useful for creating complex data-rich backend applications with Ruby on Rails on the back end, and Sencha Ext JS in the browser.


Write a component once - and use it throughout your applications.


Build new components by combining existing components.


Testing each component individually makes it much easier to isolate bugs.


A Netzke component is a Ruby class represented by an Ext JS component in the browser, and can be easily extended by using object-oriented techniques.


You (or your fellow developers) barely need to write any JavaScript in order to use existing components.

Having these at your disposal, you can quickly build amazingly complex RIA without turning your code into a mess.

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What developers say about Netzke

"Netzke makes it extremely easy to add data grids and other Ext JS components to your Rails application."
"We are ... happily starting another customer project with Netzke & ExtJS4."
"... we are now very productive with Netzke and already have written about 150 custom components with it"
Paul Schyska pme Familienservice GmbH
"This is one of the best bits of computer science I have ever seen. In twenty years. Its like Ruby and Javascript are doing circus tricks."
Guy Roberts, developer

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